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     The Nevada City Museum is one of Montana's historical treasures. The Montana Heritage Commission (MHC) preserves and manages this historic resource for the enjoyment and education of its visitors. The Nevada City Living History Program collaborates with MHC to authentically promote this mid-nineteenth century Montana Territory mining town's rich and intriguing history.

    The museum is just one mile from Virginia City in the historic Alder Gulch mining district in Southwestern Montana. Virginia City was designated as the new territorial capital of Montana in 1865 when Alder Gulch had gathered most of the Montana Territory's population. At its peak, 10,000 people flooded the area named "Fourteen-mile City" for the numerous settlements that lined the gulch.


   While Virginia City became the largest settlement with an estimated population of 5,000 by mid-1864, Nevada City closely followed to a point that a post office was appointed. The Gulch rapidly became the territory's first social center and transportation hub. Each weekend, Memorial Day through Labor Day, trained Living History volunteers can be found throughout the museum, helping visitors experience the culture, time and place of this frontier mining town at the height of the Montana Territory Gold Rush days.

    It is these volunteers and their program and presentations that Nevada City LAFA supports in an effort to enhance your visit and experience. Please consider making a donation and/or joining the Nevada City Ladies Aid and Friends Association!

This year your donation and membership dollars are matched through a generous grant by the MHC. 

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